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03 February 2011

The real man is a woman: Heidi Mendoza

In the midst of all these, [Ombudsman Merceditas] Gutierrez still insisted their evidence against Garcia is weak. It only shows that those who don’t want to look, will never see.
[Heidi] Mendoza said her appearance in the House investigation was not to convict [AFP ex-comptroller Carlos] Garcia. But she said she felt that she has no right to demand good governance from the government if she did not get out and tell the public what she knows.
She said she wants to assure the public that not all in government are corrupt. (Ellen Tordesillas, We salute Heidi Mendoza)

Risking herself and her family, Heidi Mendoza, a former government auditor and a daughter of a policeman, exposed the irregularities within the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Like a real man, she stood her ground and showed glaring evidences of several questionable transactions by then AFP comptroller Carlos Garcia and the AFP.

Only, the office of Ombudsman Merceditas Guttierez could not see the importance of those evidences.

Let us support Heidi Mendoza in her plight to send erring officials, some of them pocketing millions of pesos, to jail. Let us share her fight “to give honor to the soldiers who risk their lives in defense of the country.

Enough is enough.

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