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08 February 2011

Former Defense Chief Reyes commits suicide!

Unlike the people of Egypt, we Filipinos lionize plunderers, even reelect them to public office. ~Leslie Lofranco-Berbano

My day started with a cold brush of air in the neck when I heard former AFP Chief and Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes committed suicide at the tomb of his mother in Loyola Park, Marikina City. I was in the jeep and the passengers had a heated argument on who was guilty or not. Everyone agreed the former secretary was guilty.

And I could not agree more. Reyes' death by suicide confirms speculations that he was one of the guilty party of the wealth amassed by retired generals of the Armed Forces in the Philippines. Retiring generals are alleged to receive millions when they left office. 

Upon investigation by the Senate, several generals suffered severe amnesia they forgot their wives bought around eight houses abroad. Whoah! No wonder the graft ridden AFP still adopt the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

Rest in peace Sir Angelo Reyes, but your death does not clean up the mess the AFP is now in. The people of the Republic of the Philippines still deserves full accounting of the money a few generals pocketed.

This is a deep blow to the ongoing investigation, for all members of the Armed Forces and the Filipino people's quest for the truth. In the light of this incident we hope Congress and the Senate can expedite this proceeding to ensure immediate enactment of laws in furtherance of good governance measures for the whole Armed Forces. ~ Brigadier General Jose Mabanta Jr., AFP spokesman 

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