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25 February 2011

Bojol Grill brings joy if you are having O Holy Night in Tagbilaran

My favorite at Bojol Grill- Adobong Manok at P90 only.
If you are in Tagbilaran and could not sing O Holy Night from your bed, try going out to Bojol Grill located near the  Plaza Rizal in downtown Tagbilaran. This is the only affordable watering hole that opens until three in the morning.

The place could be deceiving and if you are not keen on asking a habal-habal (yes dear, habal-habal is a way of life in this city) or a tricycle driver, you might not find it. Bojol Grill is smacked at the back of stalls infront of the National Museum of Tagbilaran.

Bojol Grill has an air-conditioned restaurant, several karaoke rooms (price ranging from P100 to P150 an hour) and the open air area for smokers and in case the smell of fried food intoxicates you inside.

The waiting staff are nice and courteous and the place looks clean. 

A note of caution- the restaurant is usually full of rowdy students on Sundays and Mondays, understandably because they just came from their hometowns, with pockets full of money to spend. Also, gays in different forms frequent the area.

That and all, Bojol Grill would be an interesting place to people watch while having your cold beer.


Sol said...

Hi Edik. I enjoy browsing your blog, with all the philosophical humor and sartorial flair. It had stretched all 43 of my facial muscles, equivalent to having a massage. And it did fill my gray matter too. Ahh, what a relaxing way to cap a long day's work.

Edik said...

Thank you Sol for enjoying my blog. It's nice to know some people are amazed by my, ehem, philosophical humor and sartorial flare, este, flair. I honestly don't know I have them.

I am actually sad because I have not attended my blog for a longer time already. Sitting at work makes me lazy dork.

Eesti said...

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