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01 July 2008

Happy Charter Day Tagbilaran City (Translation: No Work Today!)

Tagbilaran City is on vacation today. They are celebrating it's charter day.

Copied from the official Tagbilaran City website-


How the city got its name is still vague to many chroniclers. Tagbilaran as a settlement is known to have dated back as early as the 15th Century known as the "Bool Kingdom".

On account of her peculiar geographic location, it has been bruited that the place was first named TINABILAN, which means "screened", as she is shielded on the southwest by Panglao Island. But tradition has it that the word "Tagbilaran" was derived from the word TAGUBILAAN, a contraction from two local dialects TAGU (to hide) and BILAAN (a Muslim marauder tribe), which means a place hidden from the pillaging Muslims. How it finally evolved into her present name TAGBILARAN must have been the work of the Spanish conquistadores.


On July 1, 1966 by virtue of R.A. 4660, Tagbilaran became a chartered City. The political transition of Tagbilaran from a town/municipality of Bohol to its present status of a chartered city brought about a significant level of development in view of the increase in the share of the internal revenue allotment from the national government to the city.

With the passage of Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, radical changes was wrought out in the whole gamut of the city government structure. The present organizational hierarchy of the City Government includes 16 department level offices, 7 non-departmental level office and 7 non-organic offices.

Pic: Tagbilaran City from Panglao Island side

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