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20 July 2008

Salivating at Architectural Marvels (Read as An Envious Look at Weird Buildings and Structures)

I was amazed when San Miguel Corporation put up their weird building way back years ago. Many critics said it was an eyesore at that time. But just like any weird designs that has come of age, that building is now a landmark of its kind.

When Dubai started its fantastic albeit weird building madness to include adding more geographical mass they can call themselves as their invention, the world made a gasp. And salivating at their oil money while we protested in our own unknown country.

But as these developments come into view, millions share the same divided judgment about them. Of hate, joy, ridicule, amazement, desistance, euphoria, whatever. Just like when they build the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

And now it’s China’s time to impress the world!

"The 91,000-seat Olympic Stadium is a tangle of seemingly random steel "twigs" curved into a graceful bowl and designed to look like a bird's nest. Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron, which also designed the Tate Modern museum in London, created the stadium.

A stone's throw from the "bird's nest" is the "water cube," an Olympic aquatic center covered with translucent blue panels that give it the appearance of being covered in bubble wrap. At night, it offers an otherworldly blue glow.

In the heart of Beijing , slightly to the west of Mao Zedong's portrait looking across Tiananmen Square , a shimmering, egg-shaped titanium dome rises from behind reflecting pools. Designed by French architect Paul Andreu , it's the new National Theater. Most people just call it "the egg."

The dazzling new $3.8 billion terminal at Beijing Capital International Airport , designed by Briton Norman Foster and built by 50,000 workers in just four years, is purported to be the largest structure and the most advanced airport terminal in the world.

The last of them is the new television building, the CCTV headquarters, and it can nearly make one dizzy standing on the ground and looking up at its odd, teetering 49-story towers connected by a multistory, cantilevered, jagged cross section over open space at a vertiginous 36 stories up in the air.

It's an audacious monolith that looks like two drunken high-rise towers leaning over and holding each other up at the shoulders.

The eye-catching building, which is nearly finished, will be the headquarters of China Central Television, the staid propaganda arm of China's ruling Communist Party, and it's perhaps the boldest and most daring of several new buildings that have given Beijing a stunning new appearance for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games."***

What will our country brag about?

*** Quoted from Yahoo!News
Pics from AP

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