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13 July 2008

Priorities, Priorities

I have been working for about three weeks straight now, spent sleepless nights on projects and waking up early to meet clients. I have traveled to the different parts of the country without full rest. Always on the run.

Now I decided to take a rest and splurge myself just this once. I ordered a wicked meal at KFC, bought an extra-large drink from Thirsty and went to see Mamma Mia twice. I was literally full, which actually was rare.

My conscience was burdened. I hated myself. Why do I have to undergo a guilt trip?

Because it's all about priorities. As we mature, we see things are not just for ourselves. We became selfless beings for our families and friends. The Thirsty drink could have been a notebook for our youngest in school. The movie could have bought meals for the family. I wish I had the mind of the younger ones and the ones who refused to grow. They could eat a cow and not minding if others have eaten at all. Or live in a house without bothering they have to pay the bills. Wow.

But conscience or no conscience, I have done it all today. I am justified, so to speak. I earnestly working hard for the money and I think I needed rest and relaxation.

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