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22 July 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

While on my way to Bohol for the Sandugo activities, the sky was gloomy and it rained since the other night. My eyes were fluffy because I have very limited sleeping hours these past weeks and now I am nursing a flu when a sudden downpour made us wet while we bury our aunt last Saturday.

I am literally shuttling and dashing through time and space.

When I boarded Weesam Express, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the skies of Cebu. I am just exhilarated. Seeing this magnificent natural phenomena made me sat in awe and wonder. And while I am dazed by its beauty, I sat there moved and rested.

Life is beautiful.

Having no cam to capture its beauty, I use this pic from The World of Atmospheric Optics by John Flannery SDAS

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