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01 July 2008

To Manila I Go!

My former office called me up to inform me that they will be bringing me with them (as if I am a dog) to the Asean Tourism Investment Forum in Manila (at least a decent dog). Being a polite kid that I am, I declined at first but our officer in-charge begged. My heart literally melted away. Damn women!

Freebies included: free roundtrip ferry ride from Cebu to Tagbilaran, free airfare from Tagbilaran to Manila and back, free hotel accommodation and presumably free food during my stay.

Payback time: I have to design their display panels for the show (with a fee, thanks God!) and set them up (the panels not my former officemates) during ingress of the show and of course, pack up on egress. This further means that I have to carry these materials to and from Manila. Whew!

Well- got nothing to do on those days. My work is on ingress and egress only. So during the middle period (middle ages? hahahaha) I will be gallivanting the Mall of Asia and perhaps Makati.


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