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02 July 2008

Of Call Center Agents and Obesity

I happened to standby at one of the restos located at Sykes Building. Bored and waiting for a friend to come, I people-watched. One thing I noticed was, most people coming in for work were healthy looking. I mean, to be brutally honest about it, they are fat! I have counted about 10-15 men and women coming in and carrying a lot of extra baggage. (FYI, I have nothing against healthy, fat, obese call center agents! I was just observing though.)

Wow, I considered myself fat but they were huge.

I was thinking- maybe these people were just depressed or mad at the world that food was their option. Maybe call center agents are well-fed. Maybe genetics.

Well- I am no scientist so these observations are of no scientific relevance. Whatsoever.

But when I searched for a pic of a call center agent I stumbled on this picture from on call center agents he aptly titled The Anatomy of a Call Center Agent.

I was not alone.

By the way, my housemate is a call center agent but he is not that fat to be considered obese either.

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