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04 November 2008

America Decides

What if this is their color? Would the votes change?

Picture taken without permission from, with the following caption copied in toto.

It's just days away from one of the most anticipated US federal elections in history and both sides are plowing into spin overdrive. Which is why we love this amazing original advertisement that has succeeded in doing what most politicians don't  - cut through the crap in a single succinct moment. 

Created by creative director - Tor Myhren from 
Grey NYC, the posters slice through the race issue between candidates - acknowledging that much of this campaign has predictably but stupidly been re-cast as a battle between black and white. Myhren's powerful imagery rightly implies that this is all just distraction, seeking to refocus our attention onto what really matters - the issues. 

Even before the results are in, the posters have become collectors items, with New Yorkers unable to help themselves from swiping  them off the streets.  
- Lisa Evans


grace said...

I think race has a big role...I mean people are now dubbing it "history in the making" because of the probability that Obama would win. "Stick to the issues" is easier said than done. Ideal, yes, but hard... :)

Have a great day, Edik! And seryoso ata ng post mo ngayon ha. :)

Edik said...

hehehe seryoso ba? e kasi ang pinoy apektado na rin sa results nga ng american vote. all over the world nga apektado, i think.

well- race and gender are issues which should have been historical in the US elections. i would have wanted hillary clinton to win over obama. i just wonder how women would govern a nation as big as the US.

this empowerment thing, you know.

Sidney said...

hahahaha...that are nice pictures!

Edik said...

i got it from please visit the site. there are cool issues, cool stuff and cool people there. promise.

ZJ said...

Pareho tayo, I can't help but wonder if it was Hilary who won? What would it be like in US of A in the next 4 years?

EDIK said...

pareho pala tayo ZJ. sayang at di nanalo si hillary.

hillary daw o. parang ganyan kami ka-close hehehehe.