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05 November 2008

Another Exploits of Bayani Fernando

In a move to be noticed as a presidential wannabe for the next elections, Bayani Fernando (yes, that publicity whore who is pimping himself even in some remote areas in the Philippines) is telling people in Quirino province (that's way way out of MMDA reach) that 80% of Philippine laws are useless. "Eight of 10 laws created by legislative bodies, from the Senate to the barangay level, are useless because these are not being implemented at all", the Yahoo!/Philstar news told us.

Well- I agree with Fernando this time. He said in that news report that "every Filipino should subscribe to a strict adherence to law and order as a way of establishing a just and orderly society." So profound and yet I don't know if the Filipino people would understand what is strict adherence to law. He runs the MMDA and surely Fernando would be having a really hard time brainwashing Pinoys.

His insistence that "the incorporation of these two values (order and discipline) in the pursuit of any profession is the only way that we can transform Filipinos to become productive and responsible citizens of the country" is a good challenge. He should start with MMDA now.

I hope Fernando was not only babbling or else his early electioneering would become as what he called "failed engineering."

I would not vote for him. Still.

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Sidney said...

"Eight of 10 laws created by legislative bodies, from the Senate to the barangay level, are useless because these are not being implemented at all"

I think he is right...too many laws that are not implemented!

Edik said...

i agree too sidney. too many laws here in the country but NOT implemented. like what i've said, i agree with fernando on this matter.

marck said...

bato-bato sa langit...

the statement is stupid. or, the people who misread it are stupid.

the problem is not with the laws. we have a number of good legislators, and good laws. the problem is with the executive - from the president down to the grassroots.

also, the problem is with the people. regardless of implementation or lack thereof, kung susundin ba naman natin yung mga batas, e di wala nang problema? wag natin sisihin yung batas at yung mga mambabatas. pucha. the problem with us is that everyone's a damn critic, but no one wants to be responsible for positive action where every one of us should be held accountable.

EDIK said...

i wonder why you seemed to be mad marck and i did not even got your point. your statements are all ambivalent.

ano ba talaga?

EDIK said...

Not ME!

MANILA, Philippines - A small ferry capsized during a storm in the central Philippines on Thursday, and at least eight passengers drowned in waters just 200 yards offshore, officials said.

It was the second deadly ferry accident this week in the Philippines, where accidents at sea are common because of tropical storms, badly maintained boats and weak enforcement of safety regulations.

The boat, a motorized outrigger, was nearing its destination at Bagongon islet when it sank, said Raul Banas, former mayor of Concepcion, the town in Iloilo province where the boat started its 7 1/2 mile journey.

marck said...

Sorry for my "ambivalence".

I clarify:
The statement is stupid.
Whoever said it is stupid.
Whoever believes it is stupid.

And I'm not mad. I'm frustrated at the number of gullible Filipinos out there.

I guess it's just a necessary evil of democracies. People have a right to be stupid. The smart thing though, would be not to exercise it.