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19 November 2008

Good Morning Cebu!

Been feeling uncertain lately.

My creative juices have stopped flowing and I have so many projects to do yet I could not do any studies despite the deadlines. Plus I felt angry over a nonsense action done by a friend last night and I could not sleep. So I decided to go out early this morning and take a long walk.

Maybe all I need is space and some new things to see other than the computer.

Maybe all I need is an exercise of the muscle not the mind.

Maybe it's time to stop and smell the flowers so to speak.

And I did. Plus, I stop to visit my adoptive Tatay and see him. We had a long talk about aging, sickness and the familiar things we do. We reminisce of things past. We laugh about them. I've been serious with work and haven't find time to laugh.

It is a good morning.

And in the news today: 

3 cities in Cebu are declared unconstitutional so they will be back to a mere municipality status after the Supreme Court decided their cityhood was against Republic Act 7160 which requires municipalities to undergo plebiscite before declaring them officially as cities. The said Act also raised the income of each municipality to 100 million pesos excluding the IRA shares provided by the national government for it to become a city. These cities, err, municipalities are BOGO, CARCAR and NAGA.


Anonymous said...

We do need to sometimes go out there and look away from our PC monitors. Then we find ourselves back to where we started, but this time, with vigor and clearer mind.


Edik said...

yes paul you are right!

moni said...

edik, about your feeling blase, everyone gets that feeling once in a while. i hope your visit to your adoptive father cheered you up. millet (from Davao) and i might get together for coffee or merienda on nov. 29 in makati. she will be on her way to palawan for her consultancy while off i go to bangkok for work and pleasure. sayang, you should have been with us then we can reminisce the marketman's accuchon and the grilled yellow corn.

thanks for your feedback to our planthopper logo.

Edik said...

thanks moni. sayang nga eh.

nakita mo na pala ang feedback ko sa logo? sori ha it was an honest opinion. di ko kasi alam where to send my comments in a discreet way hehehe.

enjoy kayo sa eyeball ninyo ni millet.

kidpawan said...

walking helps... i should know... i walk to work at least twice a week to help relieve me of stress...