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18 November 2008

Entering new heights with digital cameras, laptops and LCD TVs

When I was young, it horrifies me to see our local photographer come to our house and bring those bulky gadgets and Mother would let us pose infront of that hooded guy. It was like seeing a ghost after the eye-popping flash. And the proof of that experience have to take weeks or months to be seen.

When I had the experience to use a digital camera, gone are the days when I have to crank up and make unrecognizable photographs of things, people and important moments I love.

With these digital camera technology, all else is history. Now, even children can capture the moment.

And with the improved technologies from everything digital including photography to LCD TV and laptop comes an improved and heightened viewing pleasure.

Family affair

With a laptop and LCD TV ready, what I usually do is prepare some drinks and snacks, invite family members and friends and huddle in the comforts of our living room and show them those unforgettable moments taken by the digital camera. Here's Mama cooking a secret recipe unmindful of the camera. There's Tatay squatting beside the TV. There's my nephew crying from a brief war of the worlds. Everyone is there doing something funny.

Aside from creating camaraderie among friends and family, this gathering brings fondness and closer ties.

The gadgets

From a digital camera, I download my pictures to a laptop and create a multimedia shown in the laptop screen. It creates a stir and various levels of poking and joking. It's good to see my friends and family react to the shots. It sure is great fun and a good conversation piece that would last a lifetime.

With a bigger group, a bigger picture is also needed. That's when an LCD TV comes to a rescue. With the LCD TV, everything comes in full view. From my experience, having it on LCD TV would give viewers enough space and a good picture quality. I believe everyone has surely seen new things they would not forget. With LCD TV, the captured moments will be seen accurately and with digital perfection.

So get your digital camera now and experiment with your family, download them to your laptop or directly show them to your LCD TV and let the fun begin.

More information on the gadgets mentioned above and some interesting equipments can be seen if you click on this link.

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