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29 November 2008

Batuan on my mind

The following pictures were taken when I was on vacation in my hometown in Batuan, Bohol. I just miss the place, my place. 

Batuan was where I grew up and have been brought up. The ricefields in the foreground were my usual hangout during my childhood. Childhood then was very basic. We played where space was available which was equivalent to just about everywhere. We interacted with other kids. This ricefield was our playground especially during summer vacation. We used to fly kites here and play house using rice straws. We had our own "family" in the fields, our own "house", our own "community." We also created bad guys around who would burn our "houses" after raiding our communities and kidnapping some desirable women-girls. So cinematic, indeed. But my childhood taught me a lot of the real world.

These places gave us rest as well as food. These lots I have plowed, planted rice and harvested the same. Hayyy, so much reminiscing. It only means I am too old.

Camera: Sony Ericsson W810i, natural light


kg said...

From your descripotion, you must have had a great and fun childhood! :)

Great pics edik!

Edik said...

thanks grace. my childhood is really memorable as was the childhood of my age range.