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18 November 2008

Cool ka talaga Professional Heckler

De La Paz: Mea Culpa

Retired PNP comptroller Eliseo De La Paz appeared before the Senate Saturday and took full responsibility for the infamous Moscow incident.
De La Paz says “it is a lapse on my part.” From requesting and approving 10 million pesos, to carrying the huge amount to Russia, to not declaring the said amount, to issuing conflicting statements as to the money’s real purpose – everything was his fault. In fact, De La Paz was too willing to take all the blame, he almost owned up to the fertilizer fund scam.

(Wahahaha isn't that wonderful? Thank you Professional Heckler for making my day!)

Picture grabbed from (Si de la Paz yung nilagyan ng medal)


kg said...

Cool talaga yan si Professional Heckler. He never fails to make me laugh. He's a great writer...

Edik said...

i'm one of his rabid fans hahahaha.