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05 November 2008

Jeepney Encounters

I was in a jeep going to Ayala Center Cebu when I overheard two men in their 20s discussing on something. But that something could have been very something because I saw the hand of the other guy pinching the leg of the other. Now these guys were the hunky type and quite goodlooking, I supposed. But when the other raised his voice, I could not believe he shrieked like Kris Aquino. I saw the other passengers' jaws dropped when he said:

Kibaw ka (You know what)? You're pushing me away from you 'ga ('ga from pangga, a Visayan endearment). Gamay na lang kulang awayon na tika (I have so little patience left before I will get mad at you). 

I, too, was shocked. It reminded me of the jeep stories of Kumareng Grace I read just before I boarded that jeep. Damn.

I immediately left the vehicle when it stopped near Ayala. Quantum of Solace confirmed my belief that there are still REAL MEN in this world.

Jeepney picture taken from Kumareng Grace.


kg said...

Grabe! I had similar experience when I was in college! Naalala ko pa na nagwapuhan ako dun sa lalaki! Nakatitig pa ata ako. Tapos nung pumara...muntik nako mahulog sa upuan...mas babae pa ata magsalita kesa sa akin! At ang movements, finesse to the max! :)

EDIK said...

hahahaha i remembered you in that incident grace. so i blogged about it, name-dropped you and used your pic. it was really a coincidence coz i do read your jeepney stories before boarding the jeep.

i hope it's ok.

kg said...

No problem!