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06 November 2008

I am only hungry so don't mind my babbling

Update 8 Nov 2008: Related topic titled HUNGRY PEOPLE can be read at the opinion page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer/

The Philippines is a hungry country. Not for power but for food! Of course there are many of us who hunger for power, but hunger for food is experienced by majority of the Filipinos. Gallup told me that. GMA said otherwise. Ramdam ang kaunlaran, my ass.

I, for one, could not afford to eat three full meals a day. Not because I'm on a diet. I survived drinking free coffee from the printing press where I sometimes go. Believe it or not, there are worst cases around the Philippines.

Why are we hungry? Is it a choice? It is due to poverty? But according to a Gallup study, the Philippines is on top of the hungry nations in Asia. Bangladesh, that country which I believe is worstly affected by a critical food shortage is only 24%, lower than Philippines which scored 64%.

No wonder I always see people with nothing in their minds walking aimlessly in the streets. No wonder there are children asking me food even if I was only eating peanuts. No wonder there are strange happenings that could only be attributed to hunger.

Where are the hunger eradication programs of the government and the non-government organizations?

I am only hungry. Are you?

Chart taken from a Gallup study. Please click on the link below.

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kg said...

That's sad news. Hope the situation of our country improves soon...

Happy weekend Edik!