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25 November 2008

il gelato è stato delizioso

I was at SM City Cebu the other night when I saw a swarm of people attacking a stall like it was the end of the world. The chismoso in me forced me to join. What was with Gelatissimo? I imagined a gelatinful of goodies. 

But when the swarm gave way to the usisero, out came the delizioso-looking ice cream! My poor ignorant  Italian genes did not tell me that gelatissimo was all about ice cream.

I don't know if this was caused by my ice cream-deprived childhood, but ice cream is and will forever be on top, the number 1 really, of my favorites. I once had a gallon of ice cream all by myself. I had breakfasts of ice cream. Lunch. Dinner. Snack. Ice cream was never my dessert. As most cases, it is my food.

As I salivated in hunger looking at Gelatissimo, I ordered a scoop of Rhum Raisin and devoured it whole including the cone. Why only one scoop? The Italian ice cream is quite expensive at 95 pesos a scoop and three scoops would cost me 285! That would be my meal for two days, for godssakes. 

Anyways, it was worth a try. I burped rhum all through the night.


kg said...

Gelato is the BEST! Super sarap nya talaga! When I was in Rome, I became addicted to it. Mas mura doon, 3 euros for 3 scoops. And the scoops were very big! I've been trying to look for at least the same quality gelato here in the Philippines pero wala pa kong nakikita. Passable, but not quite the same as the authentic ones.

Edik said...

kg- you made me drool with envy!