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26 November 2008

I am so frustrated

For two weeks now I hardly had enough sleep. I mean, I work during evenings until 5 in the morning and will only catch a few hours sleep to begin work again the next day.

What's the fuzz about?

DTI asked me to design a raw materials book and a display of their beads/seeds that are available in the province of Bohol. For handicraft enthusiasts and exporters, these books would be of great help to the industry.

But during the production stage, so many jinx happened. Sample materials were not completed, designs not feasible, the writeups not done. When I started designing these materials, an old project of DTI I started last July was also included and should also be launched. That old project have been hounding me since almost everything, from photography to layout and other text have to be provided by me. And I as the designer of these materials is the only visible dumping ground of everything harsh.

I was so frustrated largely when the materials were still not finished on the day of the launching because the production side forgot to have them made.

I could not sleep because DTI was so furious, the printing press acted not bothered at all and I could not reprimand anybody.

Did you get my point? After so much trouble and several sleepless nights, your actions where not even rewarded. All I could think is to make a letter. And damn, that letter is even kind. What happened to me?

Dear Owner of the Printing Press:

I could not sleep to the fact that the materials I have submitted to Name of Printing Press was not finished as agreed. I submitted them last Sunday, 23 November with the knowledge that since the printing job was already done, production of the stand should be finished by Tuesday evening. I even made a joke on Name of Staff who is handling this production to finish them on Monday evening to which she said they could not do. Since the launching of the said materials is scheduled today, Thursday, 27 November, I said Wednesday morning should be fine. Name of Other Staff could attest to our discussions.

On Wednesday morning, I asked my friend to make a phone call at your SM number to follow up. She said somebody answered the call and said that the materials were all done. When I came and get them in the evening, the materials were not finished and were still in its usual form as I left them last Sunday.

This has caused me much frustration because DTI has been relying on my feedback that all was done and ready for 27 November. They were aghast when I told the provincial director that the materials were not done yet. I have to say sorry despite the harsh words.

So far, they were not saying that the materials will push through. All their feedbacks are frustrations. For sure the scheduled launching during the provincial SME Congress today would not materialize because of this negligence. I'm sure repercussions would point us back.

I am informing you of this situation so that future transactions like this would not happen to your valued clients. I hope this case will be settled.

Thank you and good morning.

My Name

cc: DTI Provincial Director and staff concerned

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