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16 December 2008

Children on the streets this Christmas bring out our real issues

I was on a jeep again on my way to downtown Cebu when all of a sudden another child (as there are lots of them in Cebu this season) jumped on our slow running jeep and began singing Pasku Na Naman U Kay Tulin Ng Araw. 

A good passenger gave him a peso. That created a lot of issues amongst passengers, among them:
  • The giver was not helping the children at all.
  • The giver should only give to legitimate children's organizations or foundations.
  • We should never give these children because they were using easy money to gamble in the side streets.
  • People (givers) were making these children more vulnerable to accidents.
  • People are making street children become beggars.
  • When these children happened to be involved in accidents, drivers were blamed as culprits.
  • Laws in the country should be implemented fairly.
  • The government should get these children out of the streets.
  • The government should also get the crazy ones out of the street.
  • The Cebu City government cleaned up the streets only during the Asean Summit just to impress guests.
  • Filipinos became law abiding citizens when in other countries because laws were implemented strictly there.
  • And would only laugh at traffic enforcers when caught here in the country especially those who have politician-friends.
  • There is no hope for the Filipinos and the Philippines.
I was just sitting on one corner of the jeep wishing I had brought with me my iPod or these people would come down on the nearest jeepney stop soonest.

Hope you have a great Christmas!

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