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03 December 2008

Sick and Tired

That was how I felt. Sick and tired.  

I had this massive headache five days ago and I literally suffered in silence. Just the mere sight of the sun's brilliance was like that sun was boring a hole in my head. The lights from the bulbs would likewise drill me to death. The minutest sound would remain in my head like forever. Good gracious, like it was never enough, I also had a nagging cough and a running nose. And since I lived alone for now, I also suffered alone. I could not go out to buy medicines. I could not go out to buy food. All I had was coffee and water. I didn't even have the energy to make coffee. I was sick, tired and hungry all the time.  

I am more than glad now that I am basically well. Although the cough is still here. The colds gone. But the headache is not that massive anymore. And the lights are not turning me freaky now. I can listen to classical music again. And so I am back with my blogs. Welcome back myself!

Picture from my friend Paul of Baguio City

1 comment:

kg said...

nice pic!

and nice to know you're feeling better! :)