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04 December 2008

Waking Up on the Other Side

My headache is back again!

I woke up late due to this fact and it seemed it is staying for long. And irritants of course followed. What was his name again? That guy who said when something bad will happen everything will be happening bad too? That sort.

I don't know why but these past days my life seemed so volatile. 

The DTI Director called me up demanding (that was how I see it) that the projects I designed should be at their hands now. I was confused. It was stated in our contract that I will only do the photography, layouting and designing of their materials. All of which have been done already and a lot more from me. They were expecting me to make everything easy for them and not for me. Honestly, I already have spent longer time on their projects which started last July and could not be completed because they lacked the materials. The design was already there waiting for their materials. But the end result, they always point it to me as the source of problem. I told them through email and reitereated that I have done a lot, lots and I mean lots of effortS (capital S to the max) and money as well as emotional disturbance because of these projects. I could not think of better ways how to tell them to fuck off and move on.

In connection to these, I also asked my clients to pay me now because I am the poorest of all the beggars in Cebu and I have millions (okay, that's an exaggeration) of debts to pay. But honestly, I am now in debt because I have no other means to find money. But they kept postponing payments. I console myself that they are more pathetic than me because they could not pay me. That's a plus today, a reason to smile despite the hungry stomach. And people I owed kept asking me when can I pay.

The more my head aches.

My friends told me I am turning into another Lestat this time (see my previous article on this headache). I was thinking of that Twilight movie but no, Lestat was more dramatic and blood-thirsty, so my friends maybe were right. I am Lestat or turning to be! Although I haven't seen Twilight yet and was not reading reviews, I wanted only Lestat to be my ideal vampire. Har har har!

Speaking of friends, I suddenly became a counselor-cum-psychiatrist-cum-hearing aide-cum- everything these past weeks. Just because I am old doesn't prove their point that I am more matured and more experienced. Just because I am 40 doesn't give them the right to bombard me with their whinings and suicidal solutions to their love problems. Maybe this is a contributing factor to my headaches. But still I listened and help them out of suicide attacks. We have had enough of Mumbai and Mindanao!

But then again, life has been so kind to me, and to everyone, I believe. My printing press allowed me a cash advance to pay for my apartment and utilities. I could have kissed the manager but it would be improper to do so. So one problem down.

My former housemate left a cache of food I haven't seen before and I had an alternative in case I would soon die of starvation. Another problem down.

Smartbro has not cut my internet connection yet. Yet! Wow, that was so touching knowing Smart to be more of the money-hungry company that they are and they were not cutting my internet when my dues are long overdue. Another miracle here.

Also, my neighbor gave me a pack of dried fish the other day, for me to try. I immediately grabbed them and watched myself in the mirror to determine my state of starvation. Maybe they really just wanted me to try them. I hope.

I may have only 25 pesos in my pocket right now, but I am not that bothered. Okay, I am bothered! But still life has been so kind to me. And that's the reason I am thanking God everyday, before I go to sleep, for all the miracles He has given me despite the problems. He might not be the direct giver of all these (my neighbor didn't say the gift was from God), but still I thank Him and for the day that passed. It means I have lived.

I was just waking up on the other side of my bed. Isn't that beautiful?

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