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20 December 2008

Shoe throwing by Arabs is not our style of insult

But of course it is not! Throwing someone our shoes is not an insult here in the country. For one, how could we afford to throw them when we barely have one? We throw our slippers not shoes, because we lack them.

However, let me remind you that Filipinos are numb to the fact that our solemates can also be our deadly punisher. My parents used to slap my ass with slippers every time I commit undesirable acts contrary to their standards. 

If throwing shoes, or in the case of the Philippines, slippers, is an insult in the Arab world, it is not in this country. We don't throw our shoes to insult presidents or dignitaries. We have the likes of Senator Roxas, Conrado de Quiros or Ramon Tulfo to do the insulting parts. In public. We also have our drivers, our barbers, our columnists and a very few politicians who do more than just insult the president. In fact almost everyone in the Philippines can insult politicians and other dignitaries whenever they want to. Whoever is the current president is no exemption.

And take note- the president and most politicians in general are numb to insults.

So those Pinoys staging shoe-throwing activities in the country, please grow up. Be original. Do something more ground breaking like what the Iraqi journalist has done.

Tama na ang gaya-gaya. Oo na, putomaya na yan.

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