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18 December 2008

Less mail, parcels for Philpost

The headline read like that today. Less mail and parcels through Philpost. And they were wondering why!

My guess?

Philpost harbors a new breed of kawatan, thieves, robbers, whatever you like to call them. AND- It took them years to correct, as they claim, to that gross and obvious mistake. “I cannot assure for the other post offices but I personally guarantee (the client) that their letter or parcel will arrive on time. I make sure it would be delivered,” he (Post Master Walter Mayola of Cebu)said. That is only one person telling the world about the changes they made. Har har har. Even if you've been there in the business since time immemorial, people will look for quality offers. And today, there are lots of them in the market.

The world is now getting smaller everyday so it's time for them to change strategies. These days, Mayola said, less people avail of the services offered by Philpost. “I think this has become outdated because of the technology. Almost everyone uses the computer and cellphones,” he said. He also cited the rising number of messengerial services that offer one-day delivery. That of course is obvious, so what is the Philpost doing?

In this fast pace world, time matters. When you are slow, you are slow. So goodbye. And Philpost? Ever heard of senders arriving long before letters came in? Duh! Obviously we want value for our money and better and reliable service.

Time for Philpost to shake its foundation and give justice to their customers. Time for them to restructure and bring back the full trust of the people. They rather undergo an organizational development strategies before they can go back to business, or else they will just be left behind and perhaps pack up and dissolve.

Bold text quoted from Less mail, parcels for Philpost,


kg said...

i recently discovered the wonders of Philpost (after how many years) when I sent some packages. natuwa ako because it's so cheap. so i guess I'll be using there services again. :)

Edik said...

i have a problem with them. every time i receive mails from US and canada (mostly christmas cards), they always have that blue mark RECEIVED IN THIS CONDITION. haller. as if my senders are not sealing them right.

kg said...

baka they are checking if there are dollars inside...he! he!