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19 December 2008

If I were a kid

If I were a kid, I would be the best kid in town. I would obey my parents. I would obey my teachers. I would be thankful. I would behave. Fall in line. Have my palms stamped so I could not return thereby giving other kids the chance to share this experience.

If I were a kid, I would be drooling by now. I may never experience this moment. Because my parents are poor I am not sure I could go back to school next year. For this reason, this is a one time affair. One Christmas to remember.


Mr. Market Manila and his donors are giving out a thousand ice cream for kids in Banawa Elementary School. A thousand! Wow that is much. So much! Can I have some more? I would not miss that. It's a great gift this Christmas.

Thank you Marketman. Thank you donors.

I am counting my blessings.

(I just came back from a rare Christmas treat by Mr. Marketman to the kids in Banawa Elementary School. A donor give a thousand ice cream to all students, no exceptions, so they would have a one special gift during their school Christmas party. On the other side, before the distribution of the ice cream, the feeding program recipients received apples and oranges. Isn't that a wonderful experience?

Thank you MM and his staff for inviting me to join them.

They gave me a glass ornament and a bookmark as souvenir.

The pictures above were taken from this afternoon's activity. To take pictures while distributing ice cream is a rare feat hehehe.

By the way, I saw Sheldon, my favorite subject the last time I joined the feeding program of Market Manila. That was a year ago! How time flies so fast. He was there in a flash smiling from ear to ear upon accepting the ice cream. I was not able to take a shot of him.)

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