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17 December 2008

My Christmas Wish

I am not quite sure if that was a Christmas ago or two, I was wishing for in one of my blogs here, a pajama of my own. About two or three responded that they will give them (pajamas) if I would come over to their respective places and get them. One was from Manila, the other in the US and one from Australia. I could only sigh.

Now it's Christmas season once more and I am thinking of a wish list again. I asked myself what should it be? A pajama again? A gadget? With my current financial status surely materialism would be the first choice. But then again this is a selfish choice. And besides, wishing for things should not be the main concern of a 40 year old like me. Grow up!

So I changed gear, wishing for a peaceful world not just this Christmas but throught my lifetime. I was imagining of a wonderful world to live in. Yeah, I know. I would sound corny. I know those who knew me would laugh at my beauty pageant answer. Thank you candidate number 1. Although deep inside, I have wished for peace of mind, enough food for my family and world peace. Wake up!

Back to square one. My head starts clamming up and getting cramped. Beat it up!

I never knew thinking of a "more mature" Christmas wishlist could be this hard. Even bringing in an unnecessary headache! Why do I have to bother making a list? I just have to be myself, live a noble life and feed my family and contribute to efforts that would make life a lot easier.

That's it.

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas with family and friends. 

That's my number 1 wish.


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Cathy said...

The only thing I want for Christmas is to be with my family in the Philippines. Hayy, material things are not so important. What is important is a good, happy family.