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10 November 2009

Nightmares and new mornings

I woke up feeling so cold and yet sweating. I had a nightmare with my ex. The face, the hands that was comforting me, enough to waken me up shivering in sweat.

I immediately got out of bed and made my coffee. Black. Nightmares deserved black coffees.

With a hot cup, I went out and waited for the sun.

The skies went from deep blue to orangey and silvery gray, in that order. Somewhere, in the horizon, the sun inched up slowly. I know. I could not see it yet because of the mountains, but the houses in those mountains were glinting like jewels waiting to be picked. I imagined them as diamonds. Small yet shining brightly and so far away. Just like dreams.

I imagined (again) of being on top of the world and like birds, I'd look down below. What would it be like? Would such freedom allow me to look down? Or fly towards the sun and melt. Ahhh Icarus.

Ateer, ateer, leyteny. I want, I want to fly.

See what nightmares brought?

Staring in the distance, waiting for movements or a stir of a life. Deep thoughts. Empty actually. The birds were the only life forms I saw. Except the crowing cocks nearby. The wind has dried my sweat and cooled me down. The birds started swooping in my direction. The sun has extended its rays beyond my sight. The vampire in me shivered. Time to get inside the comforts of my room.

I would face the morning in a different direction.

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