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05 November 2009

Smartbroken AGAIN!

My problem with Smartbro has never abated. I am tired already of seeing their reps at Smart Center. Also, I could not get hold of a Smart mobile (I am a Globe subscriber) and really would not call because I always received the same spiel. So I wrote to them through their Feedback page.

This is to inform you that I am a Smartbro subscriber. My account number is $$$$$$$$$$ and my service reference number is $$$$$$$$$$.

I have been a very avid fan of Smartbro and was telling my friends to subscribe into it because it connects fast and very reliable. But lately this is not the case. It is funny I could not even access, that site being slow and full of errors when I logged in.

Which brings me to my problem with Smartbro. For a month now, the connection has been crawling. In fact, it would take me 15-30 minutes just to open a website. Sometimes I have NO CONNECTION for a day. I asked the Smart Center in SM City Cebu but I only received the usual spiel your customer service reps would tell me- WE ARE UPGRADING OUR SYSTEM.

I have the same problem with Smartbro a year ago and the same reason was given to me. When can I ever have the upgraded system?

Please restore my faith in your product. 

Very truly yours, EDIK DOLOTINA

I receive this generated reply and hoping they would act on my problem on time.

Customer Care Feedback Form
Your feedback has been sent to Smart Customer Care. You shall receive a response as soon as your message has been attended to by a Smart Customer Care Officer.

Your feedback reference number is 78537.

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