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26 November 2009

Bloody, bloody, bloody!

It is our blood being spilled, our people who are dying. (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1977)

I was planning to write about some nice pizza a relative made us to taste. But every time I saw the hot sauce, it reminded me of blood and what was happening in Maguindanao. No, what already happened in Maguindanao.

I was asking myself what is there, in Maguindanao, that they have to kill?

Maguindanao. Ahhh that place where President Arroyo's opponent in the previous election got ZERO, NADA, NONE, WALA votes. Imagine that? I can't.

Maguindanao. A place obviously out of touch from the outside world because certain people wanted its citizens there not to know what is law and freedom. A land of savages. Or a place ruled by savages? Ruled by a greedy clan who wanted all of the wealth and power for themselves. They have to kill or else their wealth would be exposed. Kill! Kill! Kill!

Animals! And people were killed just like animals. The killers were a shame even to animals of the lowest level. But still they were animals who can only think of money, greed, politics and killing people so they could rule a place called Maguindanao.

Is this what the Muslims wanted? A separate state so they could kill everyone they do not like? What would be the future of an independent Mindanao? Bangsamoro my ass.

Evidence pointed to SOMEBODY in the government but even the national government was asking the suspects to surrender. Is this a show of desperation? A pathetic plea? O my.

What is happening to this country?

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