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14 November 2009

Arroz Emiliana

No, my mother has nothing to do with this folly. (My mother's name is Emiliana.)

Lazy and could not afford to eat outside, I made an experimentation (again) with my food. I believe playing around my food would make me a chef someday hahaha. Basta, as long as the food has no poison in it, clean and palatable, and of course a feast of the senses, it would be nice to eat.

What I did?

There was a cup of sticky rice available in the cupboard. I was thinking of arroz valenciana but of course I could not do that because I have no chicken here. So I made a decision to use leftover corned beef, a can of tuna chunks in water, okra, lots of tomatoes, sambal and spices.

I washed the rice first and brought it to slow boil until tender. Fearing it might stick to the bottom of the pan, I added a little, about a teaspoon of vegetable oil. When the water has shrunk I added the spices, the okra, a pinch of salt and sambal and stir them. A minute after, I added in the leftover corned beef and tuna. Stirred them so it would cook evenly and let cook for few more minutes.

A steaming rice dish and a nice cold fruit drink completed my lunch.

The final result- Lami man sad para nako hehehe.

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