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17 November 2009

Manny After-Effect

I did not watched the fight. For obvious reasons.

But I was reading the news for a Manny after-effect. Like what some politicians/sectors did with Martin Nievera after singing the Lupang Hinirang. Remember? Was the case pursued? Nobody was singing his/her version this time, I supposed, since I did not hear any brouhaha two days after the fight.

But I saw this picture from the of a man waving a Philippine flag in Vegas with letters on it. An early electioneering tag. (Oh my, will Pacquiao bit on this suggestion?

Is this not vandalism? Or we just excused him because of the euphoria the Philippines is having right now after so much corruption and calamities affecting the country? Or we could do nothing because he is in a foreign soil?

Am I whistle-blowing? Am I sour-graping? Have I turned into a politician?

Manny for president? DUH!

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