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03 November 2009

Holding on to my dear life

Riding a bus named after a saint would not really help especially after a holiday break. Especially if the conductor and the driver think only of the cash they are going to collect and not minding the ambiguous situation the passengers were into.

That was the case of Saint Jude Transportation Inc. bus I was in just a few hours ago. When they pass through Batuan, my hometown in Bohol, they literally had pushed and shoved me so I would not miss my appointment in Tagbilaran. I told myself that was just temporary, knowing that CVSCAFT Bilar, a school, was looming in the next town.

I was frustrated. The students were off to Tagbilaran and no one disembarked in Bilar.

I was clinging to a rail near the door. And Saint Jude still picked up passengers along the way. Everyone inside chorused that it was too much. And still they picked passengers.

I was stepped upon. Someone dragged my pants so they could come in. One lady (see picture) even hold my private parts so she would not be thrown out of the bus. She might be thinking my groin was some kind of a post for she hold on to it until we passed Loay, several kilometers after.

I sighed.

I arrived Tagbilaran with arm muscles aching and a bad headache starting to settle in uninvited.

I need a good massage.

(My worst massage experience in Tagbilaran will follow).

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