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27 November 2009

Tikman nyo si Mark Angeles

Mark Angeles is a virgin. (I think.) :p

Maybe that was why he chose the title of his book as PATIKIM, literally meaning to taste, and with a tempting red hot chili on the cover. Cheesy with a double punch. Virgin na maniac. LOL.

I have heard of Mark, also known as Makoydakoykoy, and his beautiful prose but I never saw any of his works. Some said his works were printed in magazines and books and literary students discussed them in school.

Well- I never really have time to read literary mags except mags that relate to design and photography. Mark's works were not published there, of course.

But I discovered him through my Multiply account and we became instant friends. We actually have common similarities that made friendships click. Me a reader, and he a writer. Similar, right?

So when I finally had my copy of Patikim (it arrived today, signed of course), I quickly browsed through it and indeed, the book is hot!

Nilaplap na siya ng iba, tulad ng paglaplap ko sa kanya. Who can resist that?

I will be spending my weekend with Mark and taste him. No, his book I mean. I think I need a beer to go with his hot poems.

(Mark says there are only a few copies of Patikim, about 200 and part of the sales will go to KARAPATAN. His blogs can also be browsed at his Multiply and Blogspot accounts.)

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