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08 November 2009


I don't know if it came from my childhood memory of picking young mangoes over my neighbor's fence. Or climbing on our own siniguelas in the backyard. But eating fruits, especially those that are too sour or just sour with a pinch of rock salt was our way of life. Now, a little salt to sliced apples seems to rock and too good to be rejected as a great snack.

To some it may sound different. But try it. It is good.



Sheila said...

Hi Dik!
Parehas mo sa akong second daughter mao nay iyang ganahan, sliced apple isawsaw sa salt, mao kung mag prepare ko ug bawn sa school kinahanglan naay salt iyang apple... akong gisuwayan kay gi wierdohan ko, lami-an man di ay pud :)
best regards, sheila

kg said...

ako din, i eat apples with salt! pero tama ka, many find eat weird. eh masarap eh! :)

Edik said...

yup, i love my apples with salt! my grapes too. and mangoes. and pineapples hehehehe.