Search and You Shall Find in My World

03 February 2010


I lined up at Mang Inasal in Robinson's this afternoon for a quick lunch. The place was not crowded since it was already past 2 in the afternoon. But I could not help but noticed the song Dangerous by the Ying Yang Twins played over and over on their PA system.

When I lined up, it was repeated 3 times. When I sat down waiting for my order it was played 6 times. When I was eating it played 5 times. Believe me, I counted them. I don't know if they were subtly indoctrinating us on the dangers of their food, or the people around, or they were referring to me.

Quite irritated, I asked the service crew why the song was repeated over. They did not know. Maybe their player was out of order. I sighed.

When I went out of Robinson's and waited for a jeep downtown and finally saw a 14D coming, I was quite shaken when a fast approaching white car blow its horn in front of the jeep as if he owned the world. I boarded the jeep. The side windows of the car showed an angry man throwing dirty words at our driver.


I was shooting the sunset using my mobile phone but my knees were actually quibbling. I am afraid of heights and I was at the 5th floor of the CIFC Towers near SM City.


While I disembark from the jeep at Escario my feet tripped and the jeep actually moved on when I was still dangling from its handles. The passengers howl in fear. I smiled in embarrassment.


What the song meant to deliver was truly experienced by me. It only means we are living in a dangerous world. Be careful. Wag patanga-tanga, gaga!

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eRLyN said...

hehe hina haunt ka nung song. :)

Edik said...

yeah. dangerous nga. "watch out boy she'll chew you up." :p