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05 February 2010

HIV reports are getting funnier everyday

The recent report on the escalating HIV cases in the Philippines with special attention given to BPOs or call center agents as high risk sector has become funnier everyday even if it is a sad fact that an HIV case in every 3 days (according to the study) is never worth the laughs.

The civilian sector, as I would like to call us here who are not from the health department nor from BPOs, could only surmise from the sides on who was really telling the truth.

Recently, Convergys issued a statement crying foul over this report. They said they are screening their applicants thoroughly and health is a factor on their jobs. Convergys employed about 20,000 agents, the biggest in the country.

Even the vice-mayor of Cebu City protested on the results saying the targeting of call center agents would affect the economy of Cebu. Cebu's economy made a big leap with the coming of BPOs. He asked that the different sectors should stop quarreling over statistics and initiate solutions to the problem instead.

And that was why those statistics have become funny, if not funnier. The affected sectors clearly tell us: THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT AND OTHER ENTITIES RELATED TO THE SURVEY ARE LYING!

If the study indeed was conducted by professionals and not just by sheer magic, why the different sectors are up against it? Why were these sectors questioning the capacity and the credibility of the surveying groups?

Confused on whom to believe, I stayed on the sides, condom ready in my pocket.

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Picture of staunch AIDS supporter Nelson Mandela grabbed from


Sidney said...

Better safe than sorry !

Edik said...

better be Sid. i mean safe.