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08 February 2010

What was the Number 1 song when you were born?

I stumbled upon this site (click on this link) which tells me what was the number one song in the charts when I was born. In my case, Paul Mauriat's Love is Blue

Of course nobody knows what song was number one when they were born! That was why it intrigued me so much so I searched that song and listened to it and yes, I realized I always hear it when I was much younger. 

I remember the vinyl LPs then when the older guys in the house played them on big phonographs and this song was one of the most repeated, daily, like we were on an indoctrination camp. This song also happened to be a favorite during barangay fiestas, in dance halls and in some barrio presentations and used most often as background music on radio programs or soap operas.

I am reminiscing (old people always do!)...


kg said...

mine is my sharona. he! he! this is cool!

Edik said...

hahaha My Sharona evokes disco to me. ma-ma-ma-my Sharona!