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23 February 2010

Obesity, like beauty, has a price

I was aghast when I saw myself infront of the mirror. I am fat! My stomach has become a one-pack bloated abs. My 30 waistline has grown 33 in a fortnight! This constant invitations to eat somewhere has taken its toll. O my! I am getting fatter without money to spare. Shameless!

Why worry? In the Philippines, those with bulging stomachs (or anybody obese for that matter) has 90% probability of getting loans approved. Maybe, it is "installed" in the Filipinos' minds that the fatter you are, the more you have money to pay for the loans. Where else would you get those fats from? Maybe that was why my so-called friends always tell me I looked better! With this fatness? Hmp!

But studies show that the more you loosen up your belt to give way to your bulging stomach has serious risks. Cardiac arrests, hypertension, and other not so fancy ailments you can find were attributed to those extra folds.

Also, airlines nowadays have the gall to boot you out of their planes for the main reason that you are a security threat to their sagging airline economy. PAL and Cebu Pacific have not done it though, although Cebu Pacific will boot you out if a special child has already checked in ahead of you. Beware if you are an obese special child! (Read this CNN News: Airlines grapple with fat flier issue) Anyways, aside from the extra baggage they could not fine, fat people are known to be slow, can stuck in small doors and sometimes press a hapless seat mate without him knowing that the seat mate is already suffocating.

What an ugly scenario!

There is an interesting study conducted by experts at the International Journal of Obesity among adult Filipino males but they wanted money for that so I could not read the report. I would have wanted to know if seeing obese men and women among the younger generation is a sign that the Philippines is actually getting richer, as obesity is an indication among first world countries that there is abundance in food, junk or real. Meanwhile, let us keep blaming Jollibee or McDonald's while we gloriously go to them and spend our money to help us get fatter.

Well- enough of these justification for getting fat! I think I have to double my efforts to lose them or else I would be gasping every time I go out of my house.

Commentary WORTH READING: A fat tax is a healthy idea 


aLm0ndZnKissEs said...

hay... ako pud manong oi... need to lose weight... :(

Edik said...

taralets! halhal nako maski taud sapatos hahaha.