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03 February 2010

A simple joy

It is a fact that there are really better and more delicious ice cream out there and sadly more expensive. A scoop at Gelatissimo costs 90 pesos and at The Buzzz 20. Moreover, ice cream now have an assortment of flavors, others are offering weird combination. I saw a foie gras version in Travel&Living Channel and was wondering how it would taste. No sooner than anyone would realize our joke during our younger days that there would be an adobo ice cream soon.

The Bohol Bee Farm through its branch at the Island City Mall (ICM) in Tagbilaran called The Buzzz Café offered a variety of organic ice cream in various flavors. There is even a Kalamunggay ice cream there. Not just flavored but with the real kalamunggay. I did not taste it though. I heaped myself with the Durian.

Nevertheless, one thing that always delights me is the street ice cream. This fare reminds me of young children. Alive, jolly and does not care about the world. Simple flavors like chocolate and mango and ube. Wow. Such simplicity in them is the joy of street ice cream. They offer you relief as well as fun. They ask you to lick them fast or else they will run down your cone and gone to waste. Have you seen a child eating ice cream?

Nowadays, rare are people buying them because they are now called DIRTY ice cream. Such a misnomer! I know ice cream makers sweat it out (but not in their concoction) so that people will enjoy their dessert and would come back as regulars. They painstakingly do them to bring out the best they could offer.

A recent birthday party I attended had a street ice cream complete with an old cart. I wonder why the vendor did not bring a bell with him. The last Lechon Eyeball in Cebu with the Marketman himself of the Market Manila fame featured that same street ice cream. I gorged on them like a child abandoned.

My wish someday is to make my own flavored ice cream. I have all the ingredients in mind. I only lack the equipment to do them. Well-


kg said...

you know what edik, one of my favorite ice creams in the world is the mango-flavored ice cream sold by our maong ice cream in our village. yes, it is called dirty ice cream. i love it! :)

Edik said...

the word Dirty ice cream never stops me from buying them. kahit saan man. let's have dirty ice cream sometime hehehe.