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10 February 2010

Starting today: Be very afraid

Starting today, until May 8, two days before the 2010 election date, the campaign period will start all over the country.

Starting today, expect sweet talks and sometimes hollow talks, from candidates and spin doctors . Some of them will promise to bring heaven amongst us.

Starting today they will become the humblest servants of the earth. Even proclaiming to the huge masses that they will serve us to the best they could, some even promising to move mountains.

Starting today, the crooks, the robbers, the so-called leaders of our nation will come to the lowest of the societal strata, to be one amongst us. They will bring with them cameras and huge group of supporters to affirm that they are one of the poor in this country, hence they are with the poor.

Starting today, the lions will become as meek as sheeps, as pure as The Virgin and with branded smiles and fake handshakes, they will try and insist to win our hearts back.

Be very afraid. Starting today. One of them, if not all, will become another Gloria Arroyo.

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