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16 February 2010

A surprise date at Cebu Wetland Resort

Nap did not tell me there was going to be some good food at the Cebu Wetland Resort, so Ynday and Aling had our hearty dinner at Tiktilaok first. A friend of Nap's invited him to join with her family at the resort and that he could bring anybody. He brought a group, actually. Us.

Not one of us have been there but his friend promised a different ambiance so we went there out of curiosity rather than a Valentine's date.

And indeed, the place was different in an urban place like Cebu. Cebu Wetland Resort (Telephone 032.261.9921) in Tabunol Road (near Cabreros, Basak), Pardo looked like a converted hacienda or an abandoned mine. Several mango trees surrounded the place, most of them heavy with fruits. And some heavy equipment so that I was thinking of a mine. The place is owned by an engineer and contractor that was why there were heavy equipment near the entrance. Although our vision was limited only to the parts that has lights on, I was thinking the sea was just nearby. 

The resort has a big pond where their guests can ride the small boats with pedals. We tried them and it was fun especially all of us could not navigate the boat well. The floating restaurants nearby can serve your catch anyway you wanted them. Yes, you read it right. Your catch. 

The pond actually was stocked with tilapia and some hito and you can actually fish in them. For a minimal price (20 pesos?), you get a pole with a hook and some worms. Several fishing platforms were placed strategically around it. You can even fish right at the floating restos. Your catch will be weighed by the kilo (you pay 180 pesos per kilo) and cooked anyway you want them.

The resort also has rooms for those who would like to stay. I heard aircon rooms costs 1,500 pesos for an overnight stay with breakfast. They also have big swimming pool. A reasonable package is available for picnickers.

Our host called us up to join them at their table. Had I not eaten a full meal, I could have attacked my favorite on the table- deep-fried tilapia. There was also a sweet and sour tilapia, green mango salad (from the fruit we had admired a few minutes ago) and some adobong kangkong (they produce their own kangkong at the back).

The discussions in our table ranged from chismis to politics to heartaches and back. Interestingly, the place was quiet with only the shrill laugh of a gay customer invading the quietness. The lights were turned off but we still discuss things in hush tones.

We went home late.

I promise myself to go back to that place in day time and stay there for a while.

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