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13 February 2010

When cheap is not cheap

I have been asked by people, not just by one person, to go to a cheap restaurant somewhere at the back of Cebu Doctors Hospital here at the Capitol Site in Cebu City. They claim the food there is nice and cheap.

The place is called Vibe's Gourmet. The owners may have thought of a sari-sari store but decided to make it a restaurant on a whim because of its proximity to the hospital. Just by looking at the white uniforms eating there will give you, at least, the security that the place is clean. Although once in a while a puff of sewer smell would invade the place. That is what I don't like.

I went there once just to drink beer because I did not feel like eating. The beer was not cheap at 40 or 50 pesos with a place of that ambience. Some other stores offered lower priced beer but they have a better ambiance.

Last night, I went there again with the insistence of a friend, again claiming that their food is tasty and cheap. I tagged along.

I ordered Herb and Spicy Chicken priced at 75 pesos, a cup of rice included. It was not cheap, I told him. My favorite carenderia offers two viands and one drink for about 80 pesos. My order arrived confirming my theory that this place is not cheap. An emaciated piece of yellowed chicken appeared on my table, greasy and without a vegetable or herb to compliment with it. I asked for a sauce. Nada. They ran out of sauce. Catsup? None. Suka? Toyo? None. WTF! Pwede ba yun?

Jollibee gives you a one-piece spicy chicken with rice, gravy and drinks at 80 pesos plus. You can even go ask for more catsup and gravy.

I begrudgingly ate my chicken that hinted of curry but lacked what it claimed- Spicy! Even the mango shake did not complete my meal.

I went to Jollibee to buy stuff for my grumbling stomach.

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eRLyN said...

aww thats too bad, i hate spending money whether big or small on a not so satisfying meal.