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21 February 2010

Tiktilaok's: Crowing its way ahead

One is a Muslim, the other a Buddhist, so we all agreed to eat chicken. Hungry and wanting to eat a speedy meal for other things to do, we opted to order at Tiktilaok's (literally mimicking the sound of the crowing chicken) at Robinson's in Fuente-OsmeƱa.

It was a nice catch. For a "fastfood" like that, Tiktilaok's chicken is at par with the gourmet chicken dishes you order at restos. In fact, we agreed that Tiktilaok's is so far the best.

Their chicken is not the burnt chicken we always see at other grill houses around. Juicy, tender, sweet and spicy with lots of garlic on top, Tiktilaok's dominance in the market would not be questionable.

They have different chicken menu but you have to order yourself so you will share what we like.


kg said...

based sa picture pa lang, this is something i will like! :)

happy sunday edik!

Edik said...

i am sure you will, Grace. hope you had a great weekend too!

Anonymous said...

I also tasted Tiktilaok! in Robinson's cebu the other day and I have to agree with you that it is indeed addictive!!

I think it's a "must go food place" in Cebu!

Jeanbeltran said...

balik2 jud ko sa Robi tungod ani.. haha love it jud!!

Anonymous said...

went to Cebu last month...we just happened to see tiktilaok at Fooda at their entrance area...suddenly I decided to buy 2 chickens, 1 was the honey roasted and the other one they called it special with kind of sauce and garlic.... I was impressed because it was very yummy....wish I could have their recipe so I could cook it here in the US.....