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29 April 2009

Another confession

I know. You are already tired with these personality quizzes telling you who you are not or what will become of you. Some even tells you the exact date and time when you will die. Gross!

After being pestered by Rex to take the exams (I was reading a book and seriously engrossed with it), I grudgingly tried to. But the results seem nice and was telling me my behavior. I could say 95% true. Know me more? Read this.

So consider this as another personality confessions.

My results-

Name: Edik
Date: 4/28/2009
Colorgenics Number: 63120475

You are a very emotional and sensitive individual. Your life and love of life is dominated by your emotions - you have great feeling towards your fellow man and you are always full of enthusiasm but be careful, you tend to let your heart rule your head and this being so, you could be easily hurt - as perhaps you may have indeed been hurt in the past.

You are very self-sufficient and methodical. You presume to know where you are going but need to find a person who will recognise the way you are, not be too demanding and who is, as they say in Italy, 'Simpatico'.

Although you are, deep down, a very caring person, you are very particular in the choice of friends and indeed very demanding at times. You can be most quarrelsome and controversial and it is because of this argumentative trait you can at times explode into open conflict - conflict with even those you may care for and love. It is because of this inherent argumentative streak in you that may have resulted in broken hopes and dreams.

You are an emotional, sincere and impressionable individual experiencing frustration and unnecessary stress. You are carried away by other people's enthusiasm and looking for that idealised relationship, be it in a business or personal situation, which you are able to share with a mutual depth of understanding. You have lowered your defences in the past and you have been hurt, so you are now extremely wary of being exploited. You are still ready to trust people on the condition that they are prepared to offer you proof of their sincerity.

You wish to safeguard yourself against criticism or conflict and to embed yourself in a protected situation. You are a difficult person to relate to and very difficult to please.

If you are interested to take the little quiz, follow this link- Colorgenics Quiz.

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