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13 April 2009

Flirting for the Country

Aside from the fact that she is flirting and eventually getting the attention and extra manipulations from the foreigners, this whore (I would like to presume basing on her actuations) caught everyone's imagination at Tingko Beach. She is spreading a different malaise every time she walks around and when she sings the karaoke. Off-tuned of course. (Take note of the reaction of the kids in the background)


kg said...

wow. she looks young ha. i wonder how old she is.

hope our country can get rid of these. nakakaawa din sila...

ericking said...

hehe. you could see a lot of them also at Malate or Makati Avenue.. and Subic.. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! hehe

Cathy said...

nice body though...

trey said...

hi edik. i similarly posted an entry but without lalat pix. you know how allergic i am to tahongers.

something's wrong with her suit. i think it's supposed to be worn either low on the waist or it's meant for a tranny.

and i think sister-tranny-licous would've worked that outfit out fiercer and more faboosh!

paging miss rustom padilla!

liu monieto said...

these are hard times.

we all do what we can do to survive.

we're all good at different things.

things we can use to live through another harsh day.

she's good at luring and using dirty, old, caucasian guys to her advantage.

she's just trying to survive using what she knows best.

i hope the dirty, old caucasian guy survived her.