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25 April 2009

Forbes: World's Most Dangerous Countries

Forbes Magazine, that reliable mag telling us who to rob in their millionaire's list has released another Top 15 list. This time, they have the most dangerous places, countries should I say, not worth your visit. As the byline of Zack O'Malley Greenburg's World's Most Dangerous Countries said, Avoid visiting these places if you value your safety.
15. Georgia/North Caucasus, Russia
14. Nigeria
13. Algeria
12. Haiti
11. Cote d'Ivoire
10. Zimbabwe
9. Sudan
8. Yemen
7. Sri Lanka
6. Gaza, Palestinian Territories
5. Pakistan
4. Democratic Republic of Congo
3. Iraq
2. Afhanistan
1. Somalia. Somalia is the consensus pick for the world's most dangerous destination. A textbook example of a failed state, the former Italian and British colony is dominated by squabbling warlords and local militias. Somalia has gained additional notoriety as a modern-day Tortuga thanks to the hordes of fishermen-turned-pirates living along its coast. Conditions inland remain chaotic, where the recent departure of Ethiopian troops has left just 3,500 soldiers from Uganda and Burundi to monitor a country nearly the size of Texas. (quoted from the same article)
With all the unabated kidnappings in Mindanao, police brutality in the country and dog-eats-dog attitude among the politicians and the general public, I am so glad no mention of the Philippines ever took place.

But one thing I am sure of- there is a Pinoy in those places.

(Picture: AP Photo/Mohamed Sheikh No)

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