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27 April 2009

Reconstructing the Lowly Buwad (Tuyo for you Tagalogs)

I was hungry and there was no food around except the buwad in the food cabinet. Now I don't really go for salty food hence the buwad stayed there for a longer time.

What to do?

First, I have to get the saltiness of the buwad so I soaked them in tap water for about 30 minutes. Yeah, I even washed them under running water. Friends joked when they heard me doing this- Why didn't you wash them with soap and water? they teased me.

Then I put them on a plate and added some McCormick Spicy Adobo Twist and some kalamansi juice. I let the spices and the buwad stand for about ten minutes so a marriage of something sour and spicy would bring out the flavor together.

Fried them in vegetable oil.

Put some cubed ripe mango, kalamansi juice and a teaspoon of sukang pinakurat (spicy vinegar from Iligan City). Added some rice.

Voila! And what remained after?


The Beancounter said...

Thanks for the translation... hehehehe... there's the sweet/salty Pinoy combination again...

Edik said...

try it elmer. it's good. i know you can do better than this.