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16 April 2009

Desperately seeking Ary

Ary is an Indonesian friend I met way way back in Kuala Lumpur. I haven't heard from him since then. This March I was kind of shocked when he messaged me through YM telling me he is in Cebu. What the hell this Indonesian is doing in Cebu? I was thinking he is on vacation. Sort of, he kept me guessing.

He wanted me to see him because he is desperate. By desperation I thought he was using a new-found word. Indonesians are like our Asian neighbors who have difficulty with the English language. You mean you are sad, I told him. No, I'm sad in a way, he insisted. I should see him.

When finally we had the chance of meeting, I see a different Ary for Ary has become a grown up man. Still has that boyish smile though and the pranks he used to do. He loves making faces.

His desperation? He could not find halal Indonesian food here in Cebu. I forgot Ary is a practicing Muslim and Indonesians love their food spicy and hot! And he is literally starving because of that lack. He cooks his own food according to him but could not find some ingredients here. His schedules also could not accommodate cooking his food every time. Being new to the place and with a language barrier like that, I understand his hopelessness. He is just a boy. And just like his friends, he is afraid to go out and explore Cebu.

I asked my friends if they knew some Indo restos in Cebu. All they could think is Shangrila. And Ayala. Ary is not quite convinced! He tried eating in Bananaleaf in Ayala and he told me aside from the fact that the food is not authentic, the prices there are horrendous. 

Now that's real desperation. And I have no means to help.

Adding to that is the search for mosques in which he could come and visit. Nobody could point them. I could not either. Ary, culture-shocked, was expecting a mall-wide sized mosque in the country. Now I made that up hehehe. All he wanted is a mosque.

I told him to gather all his worries and fears and have them transported to Jakarta when he goes back. He said is very sad. He said sad like SAT but linking sadness and desperation, maybe all he needs is sat. To sit and think and decide.

Then he called me up again. He is very happy now. How come? I used his favorite word when he could not understand what I'm talking. Because I have tickets for Jakarta and leaving tonight, he told me. Whaattt? Already? Yeah. I'm going home.

I'm happy for him. Maybe he really needs a break. I will miss you boy.

(Ary is a former cabin staff who is now on upgrade training for pilots in Mactan, Cebu. He loves eating buko.)


Miki said...

he should just have brought Sambal with him hehehe. an indonesian colleague never leaves home without his bottle of Sambal and he's happy wherever he goes....

Edik said...

i already told him miki. thanks for reminding daw.