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20 April 2009


I was wondering why exes, you know, the past ones who left you (with emphasis on that), still wanting to control on what should I be posting about something I feel on a relationship that turned bad. Not because of me, of course. They left me over someone. And still they say Don't post this and that, I understand you and you can text me and share me what you felt but I won't reply, Because I know how you felt.


And still, let me be kind by saying, they are more bitter than me and they hound me with messages that I am an insensitive asshole that I am.

I don't understand. Am I so dense?

This of course will bombard me with insensitivity comments...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the old fling may have feelings still. if not why should she be reading your postings and react "violently."