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10 April 2009

A World Apart: Lent in Cebu and Bohol

I woke up early today because my neighbors had their videoke gnashing through my ears despite of the fact that today is Good Friday.

In Bohol, as far as I can remember, you are not allowed to play loud music during the Lenten season, much more a videoke. If you could not resist the urge to listen to some music, at least play only the standards, classics, love songs or the classicals AND tone it down so that your neighbors would not think you are protesting against the Church and the death of Christ. The latter have to do a lot of convincing among the folks at home.

In Cebu, there seems to be a lack of respect for the observation of Lent.

Is this something cultural?

But Bohol and Cebu are literally neighbors and I am sure 90 percent of the people in these two islands, be they vacationeers or locals, are Christians. Why these two provinces differ culturally in the celebration of Lent?

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